About Us

Who we are

Empowering entrepreneurs isn’t just our dream job–it’s what we do.

We’re Nikki and Kailynn, two gals who have been through all the ups and downs, the challenges and celebrations, the late night “oh my gosh what did I do with the samples!” meltdowns and more that are associated with starting and running your own business.

Since 2004, we’ve launched an online magazine (ChicBlvd.com), grown a product line from an idea to retailers worldwide (ChicBuds), and launched a PR agency that highlights brands and entrepreneurs across the nation (ChicExecsPR).

We’ve been blessed to be able to pursue our passions, but it would have been amazing to have had someone or something to look to for advice in the beginning–which is where Hustle Humble comes in.

Hustle Humble isn’t just a way to connect new brands and their stories with others–it’s a way to empower entrepreneurs of all levels. Each box delivers beautiful, carefully-curated products that are designed to inspire, as well as content that can actually make a difference in how you grow and run your business.

We know firsthand the importance of working hard, but learning how to hustle isn’t all it takes to succeed. That’s why we’re connecting companies, connecting resources, and connecting people to the bigger goal of giving back.

We’re setting out to inspire the next generation of movers and shakers by donating a box of school supplies to kids in need with every purchase.

So remember to hustle hard, stay humble, and listen to your heart.

Meet the Founders

Nikki Carlson, Co-Founder

Nikki Carlson is Co-Founder/Co-President of ChicBlvd Inc. which founded and owns three divisions -ChicBlvd Magazine (www.chicblvd.com), ChicExecs Brand Strategist Firm (www.chicexecs.com) and Fashion Audio LLC (www.chicbuds.com). She has over 16 years experience in PR/Marketing. From high school salutatorian to a graduate with honors from Azusa Pacific University, Nikki reaches for her goals with determination and spirit. Soon after attaining a degree in Marketing, Nikki landed a job with Russ Reid Company, an advertising agency in Pasadena, CA. She rose through the ranks to an executive position where she managed clients in tv, radio, print, fundraising, website development, branding execution and event sponsorship. Her main focus: non-profit and Christian companies including World Vision, Columbia House, Veggie Tales. After 5 years at Russ Reid, she served as an executive at Ambassador Advertising Agency managing clients including Compassion International, Breakpoint with Chuck Colson, author and speaker Jim Garlow. Her work included overseeing radio program initiatives from creative concept through execution. In 2004, she ventured out to pioneer ChicBlvd Inc using her creativity, entrepreneur passion and desire to give back by helping other businesses and getting involved in charity work.

Kailynn Bowling, Co-Founder

Kailynn Bowling is a proud mother, wife, and Co-Founder/Co-President of ChicBlvd Inc. which founded and owns three divisions – ChicBlvd Magazine (www.chicblvd.com), ChicExecs Brand Strategist Firm (www.chicexecs.com) and Fashion Audio LLC (www.chicbuds.com). After graduating with honors from high school and attending Mt. San Antonio College, she went into finance with the largest mortgage company in the United States. From loan processor she made her way into a corporate executive position. Kailynn’s personable and compassionate nature led her to focus on working with the government and media sources, making low income housing affordable to families in need, setting up a new program which was the first of its kind in Texas. After the tragedy of September 11th, Kailynn made up her mind to pursue her passions in marketing, PR, fashion and product design while she had the chance. Her first foray into entrepreneurship was with her own chic shop where she peddled her fashions while marketing the products in various ways to set up brand awareness. Her unique marketing and PR ideas spurred future ventures and successful product launches. Kailynn became known as the go-to girl for fresh fashion must-haves.


Marketing Manager

Karolina graduated from SDSU with a degree in Business Management. She has an extensive sales background from retail to PR. She loves connecting with people and forms relationships quickly.

She worked in corporate banking for over a decade, where she worked on many different projects. She was a Portfolio Monitoring Analyst on the Research Development team and quality controlled the work of other analysts. Karolina has been part of the ChicBlvd family for over 7 years now. She started helping Nikki and Kailynn at trade shows for their product line ChicBuds. She worked in PR as a Senior Brand Development Executive for 4 years and most recently after returning from maternity leave she is the Project Manager for Hustle Humble. Most recently, Karolina has also taken on the role of Marketing Manager for ChicExecs.

Her passions include helping others and giving back. Karolina loves inspiring others find the joy and positive things in life. She has 3 children and spends her free time with her family. She enjoys running, yoga and going to the beach.