Salvaged Soul: A Journey of Purpose, Passion, and Woodworking

To know Christa Paarni – aka Salvaged Soul – is to be inspired by her. With an eye for design, amazing woodworking skills, and a true sense of self, Paarni has grown her brand to epic proportions. Faithfully dedicated to finding her own purpose, path, and voice, Salvaged Soul is a unique company on a journey to bring self expression to every home.


Read more on how Paarni keeps it fresh and real while making serious moves as a mompreneur below.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got the idea or concept for your business.


I’m a mom, a wife, and a furniture builder. Salvaged Soul was not a business that was pre-meditated or built over years and years, it was actually originally was suppose to be a jewelry line. I had no idea five years ago my passion and calling in life – other than to be a wife and mother – would be building wood furniture. This whole journey has been a very organic process. Just starting out with some DIY wood framed mirrors, I am exactly where God wants me to be. Having an open mind and heart will only take you farther down a successful path.


As a business owner, how would you define success?


Fake it ’til you make it. We all have to start from the bottom, so never hold yourself back from an opportunity to learn and grow. When I had clients requesting pieces other than wood framed mirrors (the first Salvaged Soul pieces I made and sold) I would say, “YES – absolutely I can do that!” Maybe I just work well under pressure, but I knew where there’s a will, there’s a way and honestly – what’s the WORST that can happen? I can’t make it and refund them!


How do you find inspiration for new ideas within your company?


Functionality and purpose. I like my work to be durable enough to withstand kids, animals, and even husbands. Because let’s face it – it’s GOING to happen! Indestructible, beautiful wood furniture and decor is my jam!

As for the brand side of my business, I like to keep it fresh and real. I want Salvaged Soul to be a brand that is unlike any other.


What’s your productivity secret?


Working under pressure and waiting till the last minute.


What makes your company unique?


Me. Not in a snooty way, but I am what makes my company unique. I am who I am and I lay it all out there. I want my clients and the people supporting this Salvaged Soul journey of mine to be able to relate to this crazy life of ours.


What were the biggest roadblocks in building your business? How did you overcome those challenges?


I would say the inability to produce more product with my own two hands. Salvaged Soul would be HUGE if I had a team, but I’ve been stubborn. I can honestly say four years into my business and hundreds and hundreds of furniture/decor pieces later – I have built EVERY SINGLE PIECE with my own two hands.


That will definitely be changing here shortly. In order for my brand to grow, the amount of work needs to grow.



If you could give three tips to someone just starting out, what would they be?


1// BELIEVE in yourself, otherwise no one else will.

2// Never wait for the “right” or “perfect” time to make a change or start something new. It will never be the right time.

3// Always be true to yourself. Do not form your brand or your business into what the world already has to offer. Light up a new tunnel.


Lastly, tell us one thing you’ve done to make your company more #EarthChic.


Utilizing more reclaimed wood and repurposing materials that would be thrown away.


Want to know more about Christa’s world of woodworking? Visit for more info on her gorgeous, custom pieces!